Immigration Law and Bankruptcy

There are many different visa types that can allow you to stay, learn, work, and apply for long-term residency in the United States. In all cases, someone needs to sponsor you for an immigrant visa.

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Both employment and immediate family sponsorship require an existing citizen of the United States to affirm that the incoming foreign national is of good character and will have adequate financial support. The affidavit of support is a legal contract between the petitioner and the US government.

However, one does not need to be a US citizen to file for bankruptcy. In many ways, doing so can actually be the best way to preserve lawful stay or the temporary work permit.

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Officially, immigration policy is anti-discriminatory. However, it is also true that the ability to support yourself or those you sponsor is a factor in determining eligibility of the immigrant. There may be indirect bias against your application if you do not take steps to make your legal status clear. A temporary work visa is only valid as long as you have an employer.

Speaking with an immigration attorney familiar with bankruptcy laws can be of great help in preserving the right to stay and work within the United States. In case of a sponsor losing the ability to provide financial support, or the company providing a non-immigrant work visa goes bankrupt, then you need to know how to file within the grace period for a temporary change in status so that you won’t be obliged to leave. In addition, support may not be voided in certain conditions, such as divorce, or if substitute or joint support may be filed in time. You may read more about this at