Wrongful Death Lawyer in Sherman Oaks

The widow acted carelessly by donating ashes to the other children and not to her. As a result, she is unable to process death properly or to a lesser extent, resulting in emotional damage. Moreover, her relationship with her father was good at his death. At least the father would never have said that she was not entitled to a part of his ashes. So it was his supposed wish to make that possible. The widow has to prove that it was different. First with a legal point.


A Sherman Oaks claim from 'wrongful act' can only lead to compensation, not to 'delivery' of 'any good'. You'll need a Sherman Oaks wrongful death lawyer. The daughter has also insufficiently substantiated that her conduct was unlawful. And: the daughter has to prove that her father was well-disposed towards her and therefore also wanted to donate part of his ashes to her. He first wonders whether there is a social care standard about how the widow handles the ashes. And whether it has been violated. That standard has not been formulated by the daughter in any case. And the fact that one child does not get ashes and another child is not careless by itself. for more information check on Fox and Fox Personal Injury Attorneys personal injury law firm in Sherman Oaks.