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Services of the best lawyers and attorneys in the process of the divorce law firm in Los Angeles in the Whitmarsh Family Law, PC.

The most experienced lawyers who will help to conduct the divorce process quickly and without any problems. Reasonable prices for Los Angeles divorce lawyers Divorce can be obtained with the consent of both parties or through the courts (the divorce process can be started, despite the refusal of one of the parties).


Interested in the procedure for dissolution of marriage with children or without or just need legal advice? Grounds for the start of the divorce process: the death of a husband or wife; recognition by the court of the deceased one of the spouses; submission of a petition for divorce by one of the spouses; the provision of a husband and wife application for divorce. Lawyer’s services during divorce The only step that you will need to do before the start of the divorce process is to come to an appointment with a divorce lawyer. One consultation with a lawyer in civil matters will solve many questions.

Services performed by a divorce lawyer include: Representing your interests as a lawyer in a divorce court hearing; lawyers gathering all the necessary documentation to start the divorce process; drafting a lawyer necessary statements, objections, and so on; provision by lawyers of a package of documents for the divorce process; defending your interests in divorce court cases; transfer of a court decision on divorce provision of bailiffs for the collection of property or material security, if necessary. Qualified Los Angeles lawyers of the Legal Protection Center will help you solve the problem of child custody, help you draw up a model contract, and also solve the issue of a mortgage on the divorce proceedings.

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